About Thrill Collins

Thrill Collins are:

Robbie Pert – Vocals, Guitar

Andrew Lansley – Vocals, Double Bass

Pete Harper – Vocals, Cajon

Thrill Collins are a skiffle-pop trio based in Cheltenham. They have been touring since 2009 playing over 400 shows in upwards of 20 countries. They have entertained audiences including royalty, national sports teams and their mums.

Thrill Collins have played New York, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Budapest, Prague, London, the Olympics and Witney. They have performed alongside artists such as The Wurzels, Zero 7, Frank Turner, The Hoosiers, Bucks Fizz and even Wagner from The X Factor, amongst others. They have numerous video documentaries on YouTube evidencing these claims.

The band have three EPs out, recorded by legendary British producer George Shilling (Blur, Texas and James Brown). They feature such classics as Michael Jackson’s ‘Black or White’, Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” and the Backstreet Boys “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”

Their latest EP “Deputy Headmaster” was released earlier in 2012 and all EPs are available here:

Thrill Collins on iTunes

Thrill Collins have been described as many things by many people.

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