Thrill Collins House Party Competition



That’s right. We really fancy playing a house party so rather than organise one, we thought we’d offer ourselves out (for free) to whoever has the best reason.

This is the deal:

– Send us a PM on Facebook about why you’d like us to play your house party
– We’ll agree a time/date with the person who gives the best reason
– We’ll turn up with full kit for the event
– …We’ll play 2 x 45 minute sets for you and your guests
– We’ll even bring our own booze

It can be for anything – charity, party, general celebration, no particular reason at all, BBQ – you name it. Just make sure that a) you have a house for us to play in and b) it’s all cool with your neighbours/parents/housemates/pets. It can’t be for a public event, a venue show, a bar, a wedding, radio or anything that ISN’T a house party!

If there’s a couple of really good ones, we may even play a couple…

Let us know if you’d be interested in us playing – we’ll take any enquiry up until Friday May 3rd, anywhere in the UK is fine.

Much love,

TC3 x