Thrill Collins Big Weekend!

Hello Thrill Fans!

Well it’s fair to say that we’re all a bit excited about this weekend (Shares in Tenna Lady have taken a sharp rise). There’s lots to get though so if we could just have a bit of quiet i’ll get started…. thank you.


We will be performing three whole sets for the Cheltenham Folk Festival, But here’s the tricky part: each set is in a different place! We will be in The Old Restoration at 12.30pm, Beechwood Arcade at 2.00pm and in the Pillar Room at Cheltenham Town Hall at 5.00pm

All this playing will likely leave us completely exhausted which is fine because we don’t have much on this Sunday. Wait, let me check that, oh no wait…


Bright and early we will be heading into the glorious Cotswolds to once again put ourselves at the mercy of Mr. George Shilling who will be recording our new EP.
We are keeping schtum for now about which tracks we have picked but the new record will be out very soon and until then EP-EP and SUPERCONTINENT are still available on iTunes, just CLICK HERE.

After a full recording session we will then be bundling ourselves into the van and gunning it down to London. Specifically to Camden Lock Tavern which will play host to the the Sunday Best Valentine’s Ear Massacre. We will be performing live with none other than Rob da Bank, Dan Le Sac, Man Like Me, Sombrero Sound System and loads more!

So that’s is, that’s our weekend. See you there yeah?

TC3 x


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