Thrill Blog: Febrar

Yep – good service this month with a new blog up BEFORE TIME!

February fast approaches, filling the windscreen of 2012 with new promise. And that’s not the only thing. Next Thursday our windscreen will be filled with southern England followed by northern France, then the Cote d’Or and finally the Haute-Savoie part of the Alps.

Well, that and a ferry crossing.

A P&O ferry crossing…

As we hinted at in the last blog, we’re back off to the continent already this year. The fantastic hospitality of both the promoters and audience in Chamonix was simply too much to not consider a return visit. Even better as we didn’t think we’d be abroad on “tour” for at least another 5/6 months. Being overseas is nice (unless you are attending a funeral/kidnapping) so we are obviously chuffed to bits at getting the opportunity to go and see our European friends so early in the year. A lovely bar owner friend of ours said “just move here!” – we wish we could, we really do.

But could we really deprive the UK of its only contemporary skiffle ska lounge band?! Probably, but that’s not the point. We’ve got other jobs, don’t you know. Okay, they may involve fun things like recording sound and lecturing and broadcast and writing, but they’re still jobs. We have the “Thrills to pay the bills” in more ways than skiffle after all…

We are also very happy with the share of festivals we’ve managed to book already this year. All proper music ones too! We’ve already announced slots at Dumbfest, Wychwood and Cheltenham Folk Festival but there are many more to come.

Pleasing it is to also confirm we’ll be back in the studio with one George Shilling on February 12th to record a new EP. Five new songs and the first recording featuring Peach, our lovely newish (it’s been 6 months) cajonist. Tracks will be out for the start of March so keep ’em peeled for updates and freebies.

February the 12th could surely be no better! One might imagine. Well, for us it most certainly can. Following our daytime session with Mr Shilling, we will be heading down to Nodnol, specifically the Lock Tavern in Camden, to play as guests of one Mr Rob Da Bank.

Yep – he’s heard the Thrill and invited us down for a show to play alongside his good-self, dan le sac and a few other artists at the Sunday Best night that spawned both Bestival and Camp Bestival. For a humble lil’ skiffly band, it would be an understatement to say we’re honoured to be presented to the cool-kitsch of London’s musical tickle-belly in this way.

What we mean to say is that we’re going to turn up and ROCK THE FUCKING ARSE OFF THE PLACE! We may come off as nerdy drunkards in our videos, we may sound like starchy pressed suits on our records, but Thrill live is certainly the way we like you to take this particular drug. There is something spectacular about hearing a massive groan when you announce you’re going to play Peter Andre and then getting to watch everyone surrender to a skiffle-groove reworking of classic Anglo-Australic steroid six-pack pop over the following three and a half minutes.

There’s loads more coming too, but that’ll just have to wait as you know how we like to be pricks about announcements. Unlike e-Festivals who like making us show our ‘announcing festivals next month’ hand early…

Can’t wait to see you! ; )


TC3 x x x


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