New Year, New Shows, New Everything Really!

Happy New Year!

Phew – now that’s over…


Absolutely bypassed us without any fanfare or celebration. Quiet time with families for all. New Year for Thrill Collins is just like Halloween for monsters (at least in the Buffyverse) – we don’t do it, the bassist likes to spend it somewhere warm & foreign and unless someone has some considerable moolah to wave at us we’re just not that arsed.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t be – hopefully you had a good one! We’re not all bah-humbug about it, it’s just not something we’re particularly fussed over. Xmas is great – as was our Xmas show! There’s a video up on YouTube somewhere so just have a search (or check out the ThrillCollinsTV channel) if you’re interested.


We’re not going to announce the biggies yet – as you regular blog readers know… But we’ve got almost 30 shows in the books already. Last year’s count was somewhere in the region of 150+ and we have no idea how many times we busked, played parties or just jumped up all boozy at a random open mic and scared the shit out of everyone…

We’re going to try and do some more local shows (and UK ones for that matter!) this year as there seems to be a growing appetite for skiffle in Britain at the moment. Well established bands such as the Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo and The Dodge Brothers as well as some lovely sounding chaps called The Severed Limb coming through means that skiffle is beginning to have a little more prominence. To say that however is to pigeonhole a number of artists (including ourselves) into a single genre when all display various elements from Americana and Bluegrass to Ska and Trad Jazz.

That’s not to say we’re going to abandon our neighbors across the channel or indeed our cousins across the pond! We already have trips planned for February and August – there might even be a nice bit of surprise news in the pipeline!


We’re got a few things planned with a much improved sound or 2012. Here’s a few:

– Two tours
– More gigs (going to be 150!)
– Spring EP
– Winter Album
– Some special shows
– Two new music videos
– One less documentary
– Monthly “Collins’ Tune Challenge” on the Facebook page (check out this months!)
– More Thrilling than you can pluck a Tea-chest bass at!

Seriously though – this year is going to be ridiculous.


TC3 x


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