FREE Download, “SUPER CONTINENT” Track Listing, Big Announcement

Hello you…

Check it – you get two blogs in a month! That’s probably because we’ve got a lot on and one of us is off sick today so has time to catch up on all the internetty stuff.
Here are those familiar bold headings for you!


As you are (hopefully) aware, our new EP “SUPER CONTINENT” comes out on August the 8th to coincided with this year’s European tour. Seeing as most people use Facebook nowadays, we promised to give out a free track from the new record if we hit 1,000 fans before then. We did just that so have put out a link for a freebie of Journey’s incredible Don’t Stop Believing:

Click here for the free download from SUPER CONTINENT!


So – what’s on the new EP? We can finally joyfully announce the track listing:

1. Say You’ll Be There
2. It Wasn’t Me
3. Brick
4. Step On
5. Don’t Stop Believing


There will be some fairly epochal Thrill Collins related news coming your way next week – keep your eyes peeled.


TC3 x


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