The Weekend in Brief: Eden Apologies, Glade Thankagees and Scarship Eulogies.

Greetings Thrill Fans!

This weekend has been in equal measures fun, tiring, devastating, elating, mournful and wonderful! The tale will be told in full in the upcoming TC video but for now we would like to send a couple of messages to those important to us.

Eden Festival – We are so desperately sorry that we were unable to make it to you guys for our set this year. Believe us that Keele services has never looked so bleak as when we were sat on the curb watching the likelihood of making it to Eden ebb slowly away into the oil stained tarmac. We missed you terribly and hope we can see you again sometime.

Glade Festival – Its almost as if you sensed our pain and knew exactly how to make us feel better. You greeted us with buggy rides and a muddy bunny called Hamish, who despite appearances knew exactly where we needed to go and what we needed to do. Then we played to a Rabbit Hole full of smiling faces and dancing feet before exploring the amazing festival site. They even reunited Andy with his lost phone which contained all the footage for the upcoming film. Glade, you helped us realise that there is good in this crazy world and helped us come to terms with the next bit of sad news…

The Scarship – We regret to inform you all that the Scarship Enterprise, our faithful tour van was pronounced dead at the side of the road by an AA man at around 6pm at Keele Services on Saturday 11th of June. For those of you who knew the Scarship I’m sure you will agree she was a genuine ray of light and carried us so far, to so many, for so long that she will never be forgotten.

Rest my love, rest that when we meet again you may be ready to take flight once more.

TC3 x


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