Thrill Blog – Mayday Madness


Well, April was mental- just like all the other months!

Let’s break it down for you:

– Last month we averaged a gig every three days, matching our average for 2010

– These gigs included (but weren’t limited to) visits to Manchester, Gloucester, Tewkesbury, Oxford, Cheltenham and somewhere in South Wales.

– We announced another three festival appearances

– We learned to play Rappers’ Delight

– Andrew finally got a new double bass, six months after the dreaded New York incident.

– In the last three days of April, we played six shows.

Let’s discuss the last point to form the main body of this month’s blog:


Gig 1: We opened our “everyone ends up bleeding by Day 3” account with a headline set at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival. Brilliant show, good wholesome hour of skiffling following a beautiful day of sunshine for the bassist’s birthday. Robbie sang a drum & double backed “Rappers Delight” as we tuned up mid set (good way to break a new tune), Andrew got a delicious round of applause for leaning on his bass pretending to be Bill Bottrell and Tristan sat on a box and lapped up adulation.

Highlight: Watching the entire Jazz Fest crowd singing Hanson’s Mmm-Bop acapella.

Gig 2: Andrew’s birthday continued with a short after-party set at local chav-house “The Hogshead” where more skiffle was performed for the delights of a rather busy Bank Holiday audience.

Highlight: The brutal all night party that followed.

Gig 3: Not sure what this one was – but I’m going to type this line to make sure everyone knows I had to think about what this one was. Yes! That’s it – it was the street party for the Royal Wedding in Cheltenham. Cucumber sandwiches, cold cuts, quiches Lorraine and delicious real ale. Couple that with an outdoor set ending in a thunderstorm and you have yourself a corker.

Highlight: Somehow managing to attract a growing audience in a deluge, followed by the impromptu set squashed in a tent with the crowd.

Gig 4: This was a private gig we did for one of the 2000 Trees Directors. We love to play the odd wedding and private party simply because they’re so much fun and it’s great to be part of someone’s celebration or special day. You commoners couldn’t come to this ones I’m afraid, but you should have seen it. Massive barn, DOUBLE Lamb Roast, free booze from here to ya-ya and a rather sweet cheese board (rich man’s kebab) to top it all off.

Highlight: Tristan eating a kilo of lamb.

Gig 5: Tewkesbury Food & Drink Festival. Okay – doesn’t sound like the sort of place to drop the “Thrill Bomb” but there you go. You know you’re onto a winner when you hear the soundman roar with laughter when Robbie says “That was by the Rage Against The Machines, this is by Chris De Burgh”. Lots of free food, real ale and dancing later and we were on the road to our last gig…

Highlight: Hereford 1/2 Pound Burgers, for free.

Gig 6: To finish, we ended up at The Bridge in the centre of Oxford. Once we got there, we were told the event had been moved and we were actually playing at Camera – so moved venues. Put it this way: this was the first gig we’ve ever played/been to/seen/heard of that had it’s basement entirely covered in turf. Of course it makes sense if you’re holding the Oxford May Day Boating Ball there to do this… Offers of marriage, sexy times and appreciation of our ‘skills’ was a lovely chorus to complete our three day run.

Highlight: All of it. It was awesome.


We’ve done more gigs in less time, but this particular run has been hugely enjoyable and has really set us up for an equally brilliant May. Hoosiers opening slot, Cottingham Springboard Festival, Pie & Pint Fest and a yellow bit of paper with Le Shark’s (TC manager) scrawl outlining a further three bookings all ready to go…

We’ve had a good April and hope you have too!

So. Much. Love.

TC3 x


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